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Deciding you’re interested in solar is a good start, but finding the best solution can be difficult. W Energies understands this and wants to partner with your company to provide a site specific solution that is fully turn-key and complete without the need to source each individual component separately.

The MOSES (Modular On-roof Solar Electric System) is a high efficiency system that is designed to squeeze the maximum amount of energy production from each inch of a roof. These systems are non-penetrating, so the integrity of your rooftop is not negatively impacted by its installation. Each MOSES installation is specially designed for your specific needs and requirements.

A MOSES commercial grade package is designed not only to produce clean and renewable American made energy, but also to produce profits for any company or municipality which purchases one. These systems are fully packaged with the most efficient and cost saving components available today and are designed to make you money on day one. If we can’t make it profitable for your company, W Energies won’t sell you one.

Our turnkey systems come complete with the following:

$0 down

All MOSES systems can be fully financed so that your company doesn’t pay any upfront costs for the system.

Generate Cash Flow Immediately

Adding a solar system can help not only by stabilizing your energy costs, but is a way to help produce income for your company the day we flip the switch.

Government Assistance

Navigating the complex patchwork of financial assistance can be confusing and not tapping all available sources can leave you bearing more costs than necessary. W Energies will use our experience to help locate any Federal or local funds that can be used towards making your system as financially efficient as possible.

Site permitting

W Energies will assist in processing the paperwork for permitting and local utility interconnection agreements.


All W Energies systems come with a Re-insurance policy on top of the module manufacturers warranty to cover any potential losses.

System Design

All W Energies systems are designed by qualified designers who have experience and expertise in working with commercial grade solar installations. These qualified installers are capable of taking into account the features of your structure so that the system is as efficient as possible.   

In most cases, once an installation is completed, the customer is left without any assistance. W Energies understands how important it is to make your system as effective as possible and provides groundbreaking assistance on what we call the 3 M’s, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Marketing. These 3M’s are easily overlooked but W Energies wants to make sure you capitalize on your solar system to the max. With all MOSES packages, we can provide the following:


W Energies will help set up a monitoring system so that you can see at all times how your system is performing. This lets you see on a daily, monthly, yearly, and service lifetime basis of how much your system is working for you.


W Energies can consult with your company on how to properly maintain a solar system or has packages available where we can maintain the system for you.


Today the term “eco-credentials” has been coined to describe companies’ practices which promote social and environmental wellbeing. A solar system can be a big part of giving your company leverage against the competition and helping shed very positive light on your company (no pun intended). W Energies understands this and will help your company learn how to get the word out to your customers about your eco-credentials and show how it has been proven that the proper marketing of a company’s eco-credentials can be resourceful. Check out our social responsibility page for addition marketability. 

Now that you have been enlightened by the power of solar, let W Energies put your roof to work today!

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