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All W Energies products are manufactured from the highest grade materials so that we can ensure the product you purchase continues to generate clean American made energy not only in year one, but for many years to come.

One of the principal characteristics of a solar module is it contains no working parts. This translates into a low chance of failure or maintenance as compared to other forms of energy generation. This gives a peace of mind when investing in solar energy. W Energies believes that our products should not only meet this expectation, but exceed it. That’s why with every module we sell, we back it up with a 25 year limited warranty and a built in re-insurance policy to protect you in the event of any failures.

Want information on complete systems? Click on one of the consumer categories based on what describes you best and get a free consultation estimate emailed to you showing how W Energies can make solar make you money on day one.


get started nowW Energies has a long history of developing innovative ways to use silicon to reduce the overall cost of solar modules. If your company has a demand for virgin polysilicon or remelt materials contact W Energies to see what we can provide you to help stabilize your production costs. You can contact us for more information at:

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