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Social Responsibility

Businesses have an unmistakable impact on the lives around them may it be from impact on culture, the environment, or maybe both. Businesses impact people either positively or negatively. W Energies understands our business has a social responsibility and wants to give back to those who need it most. That’s why when W Energies installs a system for you, not only will you be helping out your own back pocket, but also lives around the globe. When a solar system is purchased from W Energies, we give you credits that you can spend on a whole host of different projects from planting fruit trees in your community to solar powered wells in villages. You simply tell us where you would like to donate your free credits and we will put them to good use for you. We enjoy empowering people so they can empower others. So make today day a sunny day for yourself and while your at it, someone else.

For a brochure that covers the opportunities we support or for more information email us at:

Know of a good opportunity that we don’t currently support? Let us know and make a good cause for why we should look into your good cause.

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